Wow, wasn’t that day awesome or what. The day went by so fast we didn’t have time to get down and boogie enough. Anyways I just want to start of by saying thank you and mahalo for everything. Your professionalism and attention to detail was what made Brandon and I want to have you as our wedding planner. Originally Brandon wanted to TRY and do everything on his own but we both knew that we needed someone with experience. From the first time we had our first meeting on January of 2012 we knew that we were making the right decision in choosing you. Not only did we hear great things about your past successful events but getting to know you on a more personal level made us feel comfortable and easier to work with you. For Brandon it was more of the affordability, but for me it was knowing that you were always honest and straight forward with us and letting us know when our ideas would have turned into a fail.

On the actual day, everything turned out perfect even with the kind of weather we had. You and the rest of the EIW crew made all the necessary adjustments quickly and handled everything smoothly. I must also say that you deserve extra points in my book for carrying me out of the car so that, not just my dress but my feet would get dirty. If we ever decide to do a 20th vow renewal we will definitely hire you again.

Brandon & Sharon Sison

Married January 4, 2013


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