Chucky and I got engaged this past March 2018, and literally the day after our engagement I was calling Kim to see if it was possible to do a wedding in October 2018. I am so blessed that she was actually available for the date we wanted! Our wedding was on Oct 13, 2018… And Kim was true to her word that it was MORE than possible to plan our wedding in 7 months. From our first official meeting I knew I had made the right choice. Kim was organized, knowledgeable, listened to our vision… And for lack of better words, just ON IT! I felt so comfortable letting her take the reigns to plan our special day. And when the day came, it turned out even better than what we had imagined it to be! Because exclusive island Weddings is an established company, Kim knew which vendors to call and book to make our dream wedding come true. EIW also let us use items they carried for even more personal touches to our wedding, and by doing so it helped us save some money! From decor to lighting, they had it all!

I got a lot of push back from my family and even friends asking why I needed a wedding planner? Couldn’t we do it ourselves? Isn’t it easy to call vendors and book what you want? And if I really wanted to… Sure I could’ve planned and executed my entire wedding, but I would not have enjoyed it the way I did with having EIW by our side. I enjoyed EVERY moment of my wedding, from planning to the actual day! I did not stress or feel overwhelmed. When people asked me if I was ready to get married, I could truly say yes because that was really all I needed to focus on. Is EIW worth it? HELL YEAH!!! I would never change my decision to go with a wedding planner… And not just ANY wedding planner… It has to be Kim at Exclusive Island Weddings! She is a wedding game changer. If you want your family and friends to truly enjoy and have a good time at your wedding, than EIW is the way to go. Everyone who went to our wedding keeps telling us how beautiful and how much fun they had. Our wedding even sparked love in our friends marriages saying they wanted to renew their vows. Now that’s what you get with an EIW wedding.

Thank you to Kim and the entire Exclusive Island Weddings team for executing such a one of a kind, beautiful, memorable, wedding! Truly an A team! so if your reading this and are planning on getting married, there really is no other choice… Exclusive Island Weddings is the best!

Chucky & Brandy Hefele

Married on 10/13/18

Photography By: Meew Meew Studios


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