Kim and the Exclusive Island Weddings staff are amazing!!! Whether you have a clear vision of what you want your special day to be or have no idea at all, Kim will take care of you and put together the wedding of your dreams! We hired Kim because we were planning a 300-guest Maui wedding from Seattle and needed all the help we could get. Kim DID NOT disappoint. She took our ideas, brought in her own ideas and expertise, and took care of everything imaginable. She is VERY detail-oriented and thought about every aspect of the wedding from decor, to electrical needs, to the entire guest experience flow. Seven months before our wedding day, our venue was cancelled, and Kim was very sympathetic, and went out of her way to find the perfect replacement venue and made sure we were happy with it. This was probably the most stressful part about the planning process, but I did not feel one ounce of stress while working with Kim. Lastly, if you appreciate and are looking for someone who will have your back and will be honest with you, Kim is your person. During the entire planning process, if she thought it wasn’t the best bang for our buck, then she let us know and gave another recommendation/alternative. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Exclusive Island Weddings for the value, care and attention detail they provide, and stress-free planning process. I can list a thousand reasons and examples of why you should hire Exclusive Island Weddings, but then we’ll be here forever. :)

Joel & Kayla Lazaro

Married on 10/10/2015

Photographer: Angela Nelson

Venue: Ocean Vodka Farm

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