Where do I even begin… Exclusive Island Weddings had given me then BEST wedding experience and without a doubt a game changer for all weddings. Overall I wanted to acknowledge Kim and her amazing team for making it all happen. From their one-on-one consultations, which I felt were very much a friendly conversation rather than just business, which was comfortaing. Another aspect was how Kim was very responsive and always puts the clients as the first priority. We can all agree that weddings are stressful! Though with the help of EIW I thankfully had things taken cared of which left me carefree before and during my special day. But above all, just a special and amazing thanks to Kim and the EIW team for the beautiful experience that will forever be memorable to my husband and I.

Jr & Lynne Domingo

Married on 8/18/18

Photography By: Meew Meew Studios


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