I don’t even know where to begin or end with Kim Vares-Yonamine of Exclusive Island Weddings. We are forever indebted to her and her entire staff – they are so wonderful! Their work is AMAZING BEAUTIFUL, to say the least! Just phenomenal! We cannot thank her enough! She is absolutely a Godsend and we are forever grateful for her beautiful and most efficient work! She has got to be, thee best Wedding Planner in the entire world! Her execution was spot on magical! I’ve seen her work prior to getting engaged and I always knew that when it was my time to get married, she would be the one and only one that I would want as my Wedding Planner. She has great taste, she listens, she’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s patient and she’s very professional. And because of her great taste, she had a lot of equipment that we could use (that I wanted to use) for our wedding – at no extra charge. There are no hidden costs with Kim, she really is too generous. She’s worth every single penny and more, yet she is extremely fair and will go above and beyond to please her clients! I am probably one of the pickiest women alive (my husband will attest to this…and maybe even Kim 😉 – but Kim certainly surpassed my great expectations! Anyone looking for a Wedding Planner, I promise you, Kim is the best out there and she will not disappoint you! My Dream Wedding

Kalei & Joanna Awai

Married on 8/20/16

Venue: Kukahiko Estate


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