Kim is by far the best wedding planner in the business! From the minute we hired Kim, she has exceeded all of our expectations. She was extremely helpful during the entire wedding planning process as she took our ideas and turned them into a reality. Kim assisted us in finding the perfect team of vendors that fit our vision and always made sure that we were getting the best bang for our buck. She was insanely organized and always kept us on track with our deadlines. She was accommodating and patient when we wanted to change or add things at the last minute. Since Kim was so honest and easy to work with, I was stress-free and able to enjoy every minute of planning. I had complete confidence in Kim that she would pull off a spectacular event and I can honestly say that it was beyond my wildest dreams. Despite super windy weather the day before and the morning of our wedding, Kim and her team were able to adapt and make the necessary changes needed to ensure that our wedding was still everything we imagined. I didn’t have to worry about anything because I knew that Kim would take care of it. She went above and beyond the call of duty and turned our venue into a fairy tale. Every single detail including the lighting, swag, and decorations were beautiful. The program ran smoothly and we were able to enjoy every magical moment. We cannot thank Kim enough for everything she has done for us!!

Kyp & Carissa Kawamura

Married on 7/9/2016


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