Hiring Kim Yonamine and the entire Exclusive Island Wedding team was the best decision my husband and I ever made about planning our wedding. Not only on a personal level because of how well we got along with them and how comfortable and at ease they made us feel about the whole process, but also because of the efficiency and value Kim brings to the table. There are so many aspects to a wedding that you simply can’t remember, coordinate, and handle all on your own, unless you do this full-time as a profession, and Kim make it seem effortless. She was there to walk us through every step of the way, even when you have silly questions or insane requests, Kim handles them with grace and patience and professionalism.

Kim also has so many connections to vendors and businesses you’ll need to hire when it comes to any element of the wedding (flowers, rentals, photography, catering, decor, entertainment, etc). She can point you in the right direction and let you know which vendors have been previously good to work with and which will cause you trouble. This saves you a lot of headache down the road, I know. Other married friends who did not have planners encountered a lot of issues that we never did because we had Kim! There is no doubt that Kim saved us from a ton of bad experiences because she has had so much experience in this industry and knew the right people to call. That was just one of the many reasons we decided to hire her. EIW also has a collection of decor items that her company has collected, and welcomes you to borrow anything you think might fit within your vision of decor for your wedding. This also saved us a lot on miscellaneous things we would never use again like candle holders, signage displays, chargers, lanterns, decorative wine barrels, a dessert ladder, etc. Kim and her EIW team even assembled our floral centerpieces, aisle decor, and bridesmaid’s bouquets by hand, and they were absolutely flawless.

I can’t even begin to say how amazing it was to have them there for us on the day of the wedding. Their full-service, day-of package they offer ensures that you are not running around stressing out about setting everything up yourself. Kim and the EIW team handles making sure that vendors are arriving on time, coordinating your family members, finalizing all decor, and everything about the venue is perfect. They take all the stress away and just want to make sure you ENJOY your wedding day. I know 100% that I would have been a nervous wreck that day without them.

Kim herself is just so pleasant to work with. We felt like she was more of a friend than a paid consultant. I had thought that a professional wedding planner would be regimental and uptight and pushy about all the decisions that need to be made or upcoming deadlines, but Kim was so so patient and understanding, and best of all, helpful with anything that we had questions about or didn’t understand. She listens to everything you say (and remembers those notes for later when you’ve forgotten), and especially to any concerns you might have. She only wants to help you bring about the vision you have for your wedding. When any issues came up, Kim was there to help us solve with creative solutions and a can-do attitude. Her expertise is apparent in every way.

Essentially, if you want to start your married life off with as little stress as possible, you’ll want to hire a wedding planner, and you’ll never regret hiring Kim Yonamine and Exclusive Island Weddings.

Tanner & Casey Morrin

Married on 12/30/2018

Photography By: Melia Lucida


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