After deciding to do a Maui Wedding, I was wondering how in the world I would find a planner.  Luckily, because of word of mouth from my SIL, I found Kim Yonamine and Exclusive Island Weddings.  She picked me as one of her few weddings in 2013, amazingly she had a full time job and planned weddings part time.  I could not believe how quickly she pulled everything together.  I told her off the bat that I was trying to plan a wedding from NYC and she enthusiastically had so many ideas that I was in love with and at times she sounded more excited than I was!  She is a logistic and creative genius that was always the consummate professional.  Having so many contacts, she was able to line up meetings so that I only had to do one flight home before the wedding to meet them and see venues.  She nailed it, with the first venue choice and I almost didn’t want to look at the others.  If there had been any problems on my wedding day, I didn’t know it.  She picked up last minute items, came up with solutions.  She has a flair for creativity, and I let her go crazy at it.  It was the best thing I could have ever done because the photos were breathtaking.  She can handle the gamut of brides.  I was a slacker bride and she kept me in check along with budget updates every month.  By the time the wedding came around I did not stress.  I was overwhelmed by how beautiful she and her team had set up the venue.  I was only able to enjoy myself and the party was exactly how I’d pictured it.  I cannot stop saying great things about Exclusive Island Wedding.  Let Kim do the planning and you will have the same experience.  I would most definitely recommend her services.  She surpassed any expectations I had for my wedding.

Geriann & Timonthy Burrington 

Married on April, 20 2013



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