First off, I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to Keala, Kim and EIW team for helping us plan and execute a gorgeous wedding. We were overwhelmed with compliments from guests during the reception and days after the wedding! Everything from the decor, entertainment and food came together so amazingly. I enjoyed every minute of the wedding (from getting ready early in the morning to the end of the night)! We seriously wouldn’t have been able to create such a beautiful and fun wedding without these ladies :) Keala and Kim are super organized – which an organized person and lover of spreadsheets can appreciate. They drafted up a timeline for the wedding day months ahead, which was refined as the big day got closer; and provided spreadsheets to help us keep track of our wedding costs. We really appreciated their honesty and valuable insight on everything from selecting vendors to determining the number of chairs to have at the ceremony. We were very comfortable brainstorming and sharing our ambitious ideas with them. We were one of those couples with a lot of DIY projects…including hanging 3,500+ cranes from the ceiling for our reception (which was never done at our reception venue before us). They were very personable and willing to do their best to make our vision come to life. Once we shared our vision for the wedding, EIW was on top of the stressful wedding planning tasks allowing us more time to focus on our DIY projects. Being able to personalize our wedding with our handmade decor was really important to us and EIW made it possible for us to do so. Early in the morning of my wedding day, there was a moment (before the ceremony) where I felt pure happiness and complete confidence … like no mishaps of any kind would be able to ruin our wedding day. This moment speaks volumes of the amount of trust and confidence I had in EIW’s ability in tackling any unexpected mishaps while orchestrating an awesome wedding. Hiring EIW was definitely one of the BEST decisions we’ve made in planning our wedding!

Toni & Clarissa Ong

Married on 7/28/18

Photography By: Marylane Studios


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